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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 18, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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made good on jim thorpe's gold 30 years ago today. that does it for this fox report on a friday night. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. shep is back on monday. live in washington for the inauguration. we'll see you then. here is bill. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> health reform law becomes legs in america. >> lower cost for families and for businesses and for the federal government. >> not true, mr. president. the government accountability office says not only will obama care cost the government a lot of money the enormous federal spending will eventually collapse the entire u.s. economy. this could be our last warning. lou dobbs will analyze. >> this is the president, i think, who has drunk the kool-aid. he is feeling right now high on his own power.
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is that true? is president obama becoming so rigid that he is unable to governor? carl rove has some thoughts. >> did you feel about bad about it? >> no. even scarier. >> did you feel in any way that you were cheating? >> no. >> lance armstrong pretty much admitting he is a sociopath. is he really sorry for his doping and lying? gutfeld and mcguirk on that. >> bill: caution, you are to enter the no spin zone. the from south florida. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from south florida. thanks for watching us. are we the people responsible for the chaos that is involving enveloping america?
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folks are responsible for the government they get. folks could have thrown hitler out they did not. russian ares fought hard for stalin. the chinese surrendered to move. the cubans allowed fidel castro to take away their liberty. the folks are responsible. now americans are faced with a citizen challenge not at the levels of totalitarianism but a very serious economic situation. yesterday the government accountability office, the nonpartisan investigative arm of congress released its annual audit of the u.s. government. the report covers the fiscal years 2011 and 12. the conclusion of the report is this: quote: absent policy changes, the feder government continues to face an unsustainable fiscal path. let me repeat that absent policy changes. the federal government continues to face an unsustainable fiscal path. if the feds do not stop the wild spending and do not
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reform medicare and social security. the u.s. dollar will collapse. that means that all of our savings. all of our investments, our homes will blow up before all of our eyes. chances are you will not hear about the gao's report today except on this program. the liberal media will not tell you what is going on. the reason? president obama does not, does not want to cut federal spending or reform entitlements. that is crystal clear. and the media loves president obama. so the folks be damned. this is like people standing on the beach a tsunami is coming. if you don't move you are going to be killed. the beach folks say i like it here. i'm not moving. and then eventually the wave sweeps them away. that's exactly what's happening now. we're living in a country that's polarized.
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we are also living in a country that is becoming addicted to machines, the internet. we discussed that last night. many american citizens, perhaps most, are now too lazy to pay attention to their country. they are selfish, caught up in individual pursuits. thus, the federal government has been allowed by we the people to get out of control. last year, the feds spent $1.1 trillion proximate result than the government took in. that is grossly irresponsible. the debt now approaching $17 trillion. president obama, the biggest spending chief executive in history. so, i have to play paul revere here. i have to continue to tell you the truth. i also believe many americans simply will not listen. and even worse, they are not smart enough, not smart enough to even care. disaster could be coming. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. another point of view. joining us from new york city,
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fox business anchor lou dobbs. lou, according to a "wall street journal" poll, president obama's approval rating is at 52%. what do you think of about b. that. >> first of all inexplicable. man who has raised taxes on just about everybody. has run up 4 consecutive trillion-dollar federal budget deficits in his first term. he has an economy that is not being returned to prosperity. 23 million people still unemployed. we have, i think bill. i think if i may. you undersell folks just a little bit in that i think everybody is smart enough to know there is is a problem. i think everybody is pretty much smart enough to know that we have got to come up with a solution. when you have a national media part of this coalition of interest and depen dense on the democratic party, there is no way for them to have validation. there is no way for them to
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have an aggressive watchdog that would normally, traditionally, historically be attacking the miss adventure of those in power. >> we agree that the media is in the tank. i'm almost stunned that you think, to quote you, everybody understands the issue. i will tell you why, you go right outside the fox news channel building now and you stop people and go what about the federal debt? come on. >> let me put it in some context. there was a time in this country and everybody may be slightly strong but it's a margin i think it's truth. most folks certainly are there was a time when everybody in this country, almost everybody could depend on their elites whether they are in academia or media or politics. to represent consensus view of what is the national interest. that has been just blown, if i may use the expression, to hell. and this country, point out
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never been more polarized. we are looking right now spending to your point on these trillion-dollar deficits spending hundred billion dollars a year just on interest on the debt. within 10 years that number will be $1 trillion a year in interest payments alone. >> bill: that's not going to happen the u.s. dollar is going to collapse before that. >> a lot more as well. >> bill: i see a more apathetic population than you do. you live in new jersey and a lot of super storm sandy money is coming into new jersey. the legislature in new jersey, i guess it was the senate in new jersey, right? >> correct. >> passes a bill yesterday that says only union cpanies can get any of this money. is that what they did? >> the project labor agreement which is what you are talking about was moved forward and what it does is assure that large unions will be able to
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run these construction projects. plas as they are called make it possible for collective bargaining on a project basis. and it's a terrific name for the unions. it's a union subsidy deal. >> comes in with a much lower bid to do something you can't get it. >> you can't worry about those bid levels. even if you bring in nonunion folks. you can't do it on a low bid. >> bill: is this democracy now? i don't understand. you have got a company that's going to come in and do the job for less money? and can't get it? >> you have got governor christie and his good friend steve swaney who is also the head of the lead organizer sweeney is the guy who said he wanted to punch christie in the face even in a disaster russ situation like sandy the fix is in. >> you better believe it at least they are trying. the governor says he hasn't
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decided yet whether to sign it. >> okay. we will watch so you can see what the governor does. lou, thanks next on the rundown is president obama out of control? once again, chris christie is defending mr. obama. karl rove on that in just a few moments. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lin grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief.
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>> personal story segment tonight as i have been telling you, i have seen a change in president obama's demeanor since he was reelected. is he a bit more rigid and patient with those who disagree with him. others have noticed it as well. >> this is a president who i think who has drunk the kool-aid. is he feeling right now high on his own power and he is pushing on every front. >> bill: joining us now from new york fox news analyst karl rove. so, have you seen a change in the president's demeanor?
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>> yeah. i have written about it in my "wall street journal" columns. most presidents in their second term feel liberated and obama's staff has told some the national mainstream media that he too feels liberated not liberated to try to wring people together and liberated ld from partisanship. liberated to be more concentrational, more partisan. he can basically take the fight to the republicans and the conservatives and that his goal is to win the 2014 elections and return control of the house to the democrats. most second term presidents have a significantly less partisan and less confrontational attitude towards that they try to
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atracking poll. 49% for obama. 67% in the polls four years ago. 18 point decline from that. the way that he is operating is not designed to make him more popular and bring the country together. >> now, one of the people that is thought to be a competitor to the democrats in the next presidential election is governor chris christie of new jersey. recently the nra took out an add saying that president obama is a hypocrite because he sends his children to school protected by armed guards and that he doesn't want armed guards at other schools. christie didn't like that ad by the nra and said this. >> don't be dragging people's children into this. it's wrong. and i think it demeans them. and it makes them less of a valid, trusted source of
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information on the real issues that confront this debate. >> so what did you think? >> well, a reasonable objection to the nra, remember, he is from new jersey, a blue state. he has got to get reelected this year. and he has a legitimate beef with the ad. i frankly think the underlying point of the nra ad accurate one. there is is elite in america which is comfortable with having guards in private schools and is dismissive of the idea that we ought to have people with, you know, law enforcement officials with guns available in other schools as well. is he very, has a lot of people in public life are sensitive about anything that seems to draw in families. he has a legitimate beef. >> bill: i think that's a valid point. i didn't think the nra ad was a smart ad. i didn't think that did them any good. the bigger question is that chris christie, after the hurricane sandy business with president obama and now going after the nra, the republican
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party has got to be skeptical about the governor from new jersey. >> well, look. we have like several gee lodge call ages that will come and go before we get to the preliminaries for 2016. >> bill: you know it, never goes away. what you do never goes away. people have long memories. >> wait a minute. some things, there was a governor of california who signed one of the more permissive pro-choice abortion laws in the country. and not too many years later was the republican nominee for president in 1980. ronald reagan. so what people do in the years running up to the nomination fight don't necessarily translate in exactly the way that you think. >> all right. mr. rove as always, thank you. directly ahead. privacy, liberals want it forrism legal aliens. those getting an abortion. they don't want it for gun owners. hypocrisy? right back with that report as the factor continues from
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>> bill: in the impacts segment tonight as we reported a new gun law in new york state forbids the media from printing the names of gun owners if they object. as you may know the journal news of west chester county foolishly did that. some liberal americans supported their action. juan williams being one of them. how can you support the journal news if you are a liberal person. when you are on record as saying you don't want police checking the of illegal alien drivers. you don't want people to show ids when they vote. and you tonight want minors to have to inform their parents when they have to have an abortion. joining us from new york
8:22 pm
irlena maxwell and tish us isman young democrats of america. i do sigh the hypocrisy here. >> you named a number of rights. there are a lot of rights issue here. frame of our constitution looking at rights they understand rights come from responsibility. that's the crux of the argument here. gun owners all over the country do understand that there are limitations to the second amendment because it does have those limits of responsibility. that's why 72% of nra members, 72% of nra members support limitations that we don't even have in place yet. like the fact that we don't have universal background checks for all gun owners. we could close those loopholes. >> bill: ill think you skill fiscal cliff dodged the question. i'm not here to debate gun control. that's not the segment. the segment ms. sussman i will
8:23 pm
give you a couple minutes to think about it because i will will go. liberals don't want to expose people who have abortions. they don't want to show ids at polling places and they don't want the police to stop illegal alien drivers. yet, they do want to expose people who have the legal right to have a firearm. it seems hypocritical, ms. maxwell or am i crazy? >> you are not crazy, bill. but i do not see the hypocrisy here. what i see here is that the gun ownership and the names of the gun owners that's something a 11-year-old can find in google search. that's part of the public record. while i question the judgment of the journal news for publishing the names of these gun owners, i don't necessarily say that they did something illegal or wrong. if they do pass the law that changes that, and makes that -- prohibits that in the future, then they won't be able to print the names of gun owners. i think it's what we procedure advertise. prioritize people's privacy on the left. we shouldn't be printing names
8:24 pm
of people having abortions. we shouldn't be printing harassing of citizens either. >> bill: you prioritize people's privacy if that's a liberal tenet then you can't possibly support the journal news for printing the names and addresses they can't do it anore because new york just passed a law against it in a very very fast fashion. we all know that was wrong. but if the liberal tenet is prioritize and privacy. then the journal news should be anathema to the liberal thing. you did answer the question ms. maxwell but ms. sussman you have not answered it would you like to try again. >> i would love to. thank you. i do think what we have to look at is there is always a balance. and there was a balance between every piece of the constitution. between individual rights and the right of the public good. that's what the role of the state. the role of the state is the role of the public good. so there is a balance between those two. so i actually would agree. >> >> bill: how is the public good served by printing the
8:25 pm
name and address of a legal gun owner? how is the public good served? >> so i think this really is about guns. i know you said earlier. >> bill: i'm a simple -- sussman you are much smarter than i am i'm a simple man. how is the public good served by printing the names and addresses of innocent people who are exercising their rights and they own a legal firearm? how is the public good served by printing that. >> absolutely i agree. it is really about the public good. >> bill: how? >> the scale. which scale is a lot of what we're talking about. >> bill: you are somehow not understanding me but that's all right. how is the public good served, ms. maxwell? >> by printing the names of individuals who own guns? >> bill: yes. >> i don't think the public good is. >> bill: so you objected to the journal news. >> yes it was bad judgment. it wasn't illegal but it was poor judgment. >> bill: poor judgment -- poor news judgment is one thing and violating somebody's privacy is quite something else. do you see this as a privacy violation? >> yes. i think that there is a
8:26 pm
privacy violation but i'm on the left and thinking that there is a robust right to privacy. in all of the cases that you listed before, you were talking about women's right to have -- to choose and to have bodily autonomy. >> bill: that wasn't a woman's right. this is a child. a 12-year-old, 11-year-old child's right not to tell their parents when they have bodily autonomy which is a vials of parental rights off the chart. i'm happy to see -- >> -- not if they are molested. >> bill: that you at least consider that there is if you are going to be a robust defender of privacy rights, then you must defend the gun owner's rights as well. ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate you coming on. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along from south florida, this evening. an atheist group wants president obama to reject the bible during his inauguration on monday. and then labs armstrong confessing in a rather bizarre way to oprah winfrey. gutfeld and mcguirk all over that and we hope you stay
8:27 pm
tuned to those reports.
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>> unresolved problem segment tonight spirit ever since george washington presidents have sworn on the bible that they will protect the country during their inaugurations. deserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god?
8:31 pm
>> so help me god. >> bill: now the only exceptions to using the bible were john quincy adams in 1825 and teddy roosevelt in 19 used the baseball in second inauguration. there is a move to remove the bible from the inauguration. on monday he will place his hands on two bibles. one from abraham lincoln and the other from dr. martin luther king jr. andrew seattle who is with the freedom from religion foundation. mr. stittle, abraham lincoln and dr. king too two amazing american icons you want to take their bibles and remove them from the ceremony. >> i much prefer dr. king's writing on the letter from the birmingham jail where he talks about the white church standing on the sideline mouthing trivialalities and pyes irrelevancy while he does the work of the civil rights movement. >> bill: you must know that dr. king invoked god in almost
8:32 pm
every speech that he made. >> article 2 section one of the constitution which lays out the oath does not say anything about the word so help me god. it says i will preserve to the best of my ability, preserve, defend and protect the constitution of the united states period. it's kind of ironic that the president is going to amend that in the middle of it. >> bill: do you know why george washington wanted the words god so help me god in? do you know why? >> george washington did not say so help me god. the first recorded instance is 1801. >> bill: if you look at his inaugural address it's peppered with references to god. george washington has -- >> -- washington -- >> bill: peppered, go ahead. >> washington irving is the person who started the myth that george washington said so help me god at the end of his oath. >> bill: it wasn't so help me god. >> it wasn't said. no he didn't say so help me god, that's correct. >> bill: do you know why washington peppered his inaugural address with the word god? it's all over the place.
8:33 pm
do you know wife he did it? >> i don't know that that's actually true. i haven't read his inaugural address lately. >> bill: you should. and the reason he d let me tell you why and you can respond. all right? he did it because the founding fathers in the declaration of independence based on substitution on inherent rights from god. >> it's not in the constitution. >> bill: that's why he did it. can you argue with george washington. >> since the constitution is entire secular document it doesn't mention god. it doesn't mention jesus. >> bill: it's based on the declaration of independence. the constitution as you probably know he is even? >> pretty striking that it doesn't mention. >> bill: it isn't striking, mr. seidel, you don't know your history you just don't your history and i do. >> i beg to differ. >> bill: i know you do but you are wrong. declaration set up the constitution. >> the declaration of independence severed our political connection with great britain. >> bill: it set up the constitution. >> created our nation.
8:34 pm
the constitution created our nation. >> bill: so you want no bible, right? in the inauguration at all? >> correct. >> bill: you want no bible. >> we are a nation of -- >> majority of americans disagree and they would be furious if that happened. you know that you are maybe 90/10. 90% would side against you and 10% would side with you. does that matter to you? >> that's actually not accurate. the demographics are shifting rapidly. the freedom from religion has exploded 19,000 members now. >> 19,000 out of a country of 320 million how do you handle it. >> 19% of this country considers theirself nonreligious. 32% of this country under the age of 30 consider themselves. >> bill: even nonreligious people don't want to boot the bible. my question and i will give you the last word is. you are in the minority, the folks want the ceremony to include the bible. does that matter at all to you? >> the bill of rights exists
8:35 pm
to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. we are a nation of laws. neither our laws nor our morality are founded upon the bible. religion gets its more rattle from us not the other way around. that's why the bible exists -- >> you think using the bible in the inauguration ceremony is tyranny? >> i think that the bible exhibits a bronze age morality that treats women as chattel, human beings as property and punishes innocent children for the crimes of their parents third and fourth generation and that's after the first set of commandments. >> bill: when you get to heaven you can debate with george washington and martin luther king about the bible. i would love to see that debate. what the heck just happened in that debate. gutfeld and mcguirk moments away. take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight
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8:40 pm
even scarier. >> did you feel in any way that you were cheating? >> no. scariest. >> bill: joining us now from new york city bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. begin with you. what do you think is really going on with armstrong? why is he even doing this. >> i think he realizes that his career is over. he is not going to be riding a bike for money anymore which is good because there is nothing more embarrassing than a man closing in on 50 who still wears spandex. disgusting. he is also very smart. he understands that in america shame is dead. you can get away with anything and still have a second career. he understands. o.j. simpson when he was acquitted and out people still wanted to get their picture taken with him. people are still enamoured by fame even if the fame is bad. he will get a reality show. he will get a book deal.
8:41 pm
he will get a fragrance called i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> so according to you, gutfeld, and you would know this. >> yeah, i would. >> bill: shame is dead. >> shame is dead. people put coolness and fame above shame. above morality. >> bill: all right. but i mean i can't think anybody, mcguirk would think that lance armstrong is cool after he sits there and can't explain himself to oprah winfrey who is very patient in listening to him. didn't tear his throat out as i would have. >> no, no. exactly right. in fact, why do you think armstrong is doing it? >> is he doing it because in my opinion the whole thing reached critical mass. all he wants to do is salvage some of the many millions gotten ill gotten gains. the only reason why he is doing it otherwise is he going to end up as a bicycle messer is on 00 streets of mid-atlantic. he will be riding asked that
8:42 pm
question. never answered that question. oprah, instead of channeling her inner mike wallace channeled her inner billie bush. we wanted to see him stammering and blubbering like john boehner leaving production of les miserables. he denied bribing teammates and bribing people and denied doing steroids since 2006. coincidently the last year that the statute of limitations apply. he was lying all over the place. i don't think he helped himself at all last night. i came away liking him less than i did before the interview. >> bill: gutfeld, he has got legal problems all over the place. we talked about this with our is it legal duo earlier in the week. this makes it worse. because he basically is saying, you know, i sued the times of london, for example, he won a judgment. half a million dollars. but i was lying. the story they had was right. and i did it and now people
8:43 pm
suing him. i think there is a hair person or a masseuse or somebody who said look, he did it, and he went after her, and all of this business. now he loses all of those cases. and if he didn't say anything, at least he would have a chance. >> well, you know what? he only has one option left. and that is to enter politics. clearly he he has the pred degree. we forgive. i could think he is still going to come out ahead financially or else he wouldn't have done it is he a smart guy. is he going to make a deal with the lifetime network or the history channel or whatever, bravo. i think he will be really good on bravo. what to wear when you are, i don't know. in jail. who knows? he has zero commercial appeal now in the world. >> have you seen honey boo boo? >> zero. >> bill: i know you are mocking this. but it's a whole different
8:44 pm
ballgame. all right? here is an example, mcguirk, arnold schwarzenegger put out a professional book remember just a few months ago. that book tanked. even though he was on "60 minutes" and he went around to all his friends in the media and he did it and he was sorry. maria, sorry. nobody bought it. >> right. >> bill: all right. and schwarzenegger didn't do anything near what armstrong did. so i think that he is through. there is no way even if he does get a fragrance, gutfeld, you will be the only one slapping it on. do you know what i'm talking about? >> he ruined people's lives. that's what really rankels the american public. he will go down in the pantheon of liars with anthony weiner and john edwards and even bill clinton. i guess bill clinton only person give him any hope because did he rehabilitate image. start this bicycle company with anthony weiner in new york city. that's his only hope he didn't
8:45 pm
help himself at all last night i don't think. >> bill: gutfeld, do you forgive him on a personal level? that's our poll question. i will read it to you in a minute. >> as you know, i follow professional cycling so personally. i feel professionally portrayed. of course not. i'm like most of america. i don't care about cycling. no but you wrote a book called the joy of hate. i just wanted to know if that carried over in this category and apparently it does. >> it does. i hate everything. >> we have more with gutfeld and mcguirk and my apologies. i do that every week. we also have a bill o' poll question as i mentioned. are you ready to forgive lance armstrong for doping and lying? personal have any yes or no. i will give you the results on monday. factor tip of the day. me on the view. you have got to see this. we're coming right back from florida.
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>> bill: back of book segment tonight. what the heck just happened. as we reported last night the captain of the notre dame football team manti te'o caught up in massive internet fraud. he told the girl his net girlfriend, who he apparently never melt, died from leukemia. that was false. the girlfriend never even existed. now te'o and notre dame are in a very bad place. rejoining us from new york city, greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. you say mcguirk? >> anybody who has had an imaginary girlfriend for three years. i mean, it boggles your mind. gutfeld has probably had imaginary girlfriends on the internet for 20 minutes at a clip which is sunday standable. this is not a good day. what tangled web we weave bill. this catfishing thing these poor people go online and
8:50 pm
develop these relationships and go on and meet the internet love of their life and joy behar lookalike or johanna hanson with a cop waiting for you. grab it, hold it, kiss it, kick the tire. that's the only way you can experience life. not sitting there in front of your computer like some pale faced loser. >> that's what's happening now boys, big time. >> bill: gutfeld, what about notre dame though? this is the most famous football program in the world. reaches the championship game. and it looks like they sat on this story. they knew, i think the day after christmas, that this wasn't holding together. yet, nobody said anything. the guy played in the game. and i think notre dame here has got some exposure as they say. >> no one knew what to make of this story because it can go one of two ways. either he was hoaxed or he is in on the hoax. we still don't know.
8:51 pm
this i want to go back to a point from one of your talking points about the laziness of culture. this is a big problem with the web is that we allow web lies to skate by. no one bothers to check anything anymore. i'm as guilty as anybody. i actually googled medical illnesses when i'm sick and i take my advice from like psychics in norway rather than actually call a real doctor. that's the culture we live in today is that we actually don't check anything anymore. and it -- this any journalists could have figured out. notre dame could have figured out that this was not a dame. >> bill: espn which was the agency that drove the story, obviously didn't check it. but notre dame now mcguirk is still standing by this you know, yesterday there is the athletic director going manti is the victim here and he is the victim -- meantime his father apparently told the press that the imaginary girl
8:52 pm
visited manti in hawaii. >> yes. i read a report that the father, his father -- so there was an imaginary visit. we know hawaii is real, right? i have been there so i know it's real. imaginary visit from an imaginary girlfriend. you are going when is this going to ever end? >> there is a lot left to come out. the fact that notre dame did an investigation and still sticking by him is pretty inexplicable. lou holts is skeptical of that whole thing. today it was exposed that the girl. imaginary girlfriend. the picture that they used was a classmate of a friend of his and so there is some sort of conspiracy. there is a lot more left to come out. but if -- it is true -- three years. i would say young adults and kids on the internet. you are going to end up living in your mom's basement, you know, again some pale faced loser with bad eyes and carpal tunnel syndrome. get out there and enjoy life.
8:53 pm
>> bill: no doubt about it the internet is taking over and it's an addicting substance. >> facebook. >> bill: i know. it's crazy. i'm going to have to let gutfeld wrap it up. gutfeld, say something sage. >> when people complain about the web, they are actually complaining about the lack of family. no one shares with each other the experiences that are going on in their lives because they prefer to share it with strangers because there is a novelty effect of talking to somebody you don't know rather than talking to somebody you know too well. and that's what you are seeing now. reaching out to strangers and that often leads to bad things. >> gentlemen, thanks very much. appreciate it factor tip of the day. me on the view the tip 60 seconds away. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
8:54 pm
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8:55 pm
memos. do not let the machines take over your lives. the internet full of shadows. george alexander, sydney, australia. the internet is not a machine, it's a means of communication, bizarre talking points. what's tomorrow, fear of the telephone? antonio, florida, bill, excellent talking point. it proves you are looking out for your audience. >> bill, you're a smart guy, what happened to common sense, you can only have common sense, when you think clearly. the problem is in america, many of us have not been taught how to think. and many of us don't know right from wrong. that's the deal. kenneth, israel. te'o's phony girlfriend is another sad example how the media has been corrupted by lazy journalists.
8:56 pm
>> not the a bad point. from california, leave the kid alone, this is not news. sorry, when the nation's most famous football program is caught up in a huge scandal, that is news. >> trisha, diamond bar, california, bill, i would love to buy tickets for you to see you and miller, i don't know what the show is about. >> i don't know how to describe it we have the bolder fresher dvd, we sold out at christmas, however, the new show is different, but you get the flavor from the dvd. see you march 1st at the nokia. washington d.c., wesbury long island and tickets flying. sales on and loved killing kennedy, and killing lincoln and convinced my liberal college professors to watch the factor. and north carolina, i'm 23 and favorite movie of all time is
8:57 pm
casablanca, i adore bogart. good choice, one of my favorite flicks as well. the tip of the day, earlier today i appeared on the view and as usual, outnumbered by people who see life differently than me. a new wrinkle, tom arnold was on the program, and apparently friday is man day on the view. and the main topic, guns. >> and define the issue, number one, it's not going to get to congress, that's not going to happen. >> it's not? why. >> too many people in the house, no, i think it's a state issue. i think that new york state, this week passed very tough anti-gun law, banned assault rifles. >> governor cuomo. >> a different situation in texas than it is in new york so i think the states should do it. >> and what kind of-- >> it's a different situation, you live in a rural area, down by the mexican border, you need some fire power. >> i think the president should have done it state by state? >> it should be a state by
8:58 pm
state issue. >> and say something that the audience-- >> and i'm not in the business to please the audience, i'm in business to solve the problem. >> and "zero dark thirty," the movie about the capture of osama bin laden and this movie was nominated for best picture. kathryn bigelow who directed was not nominated and some people saying that she was snubbed because she presented torture in the movie. >> she did write an article that said, i just put on the screen what's reality. and if that is the case, then there's-- >> but you love torture, right. >> i'm sitting here with you, aren't i, arnold? (applause) >> left that wide open. >> what you're looking for. >> is this man day, or what? >> is that what this is? >> and it's friday. >> this is what you got in here? (laughter) >> so, here is a tip, whenever, whenever you are confronted by people who don't see things, excuse me, the way
8:59 pm
that you see them, stand your ground. do it in a way that's witty, don't get upset. keep your cool. if you do that, you will always, always, win the day. factor tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from we have a bunch of things posted on the fox news factor website. we have my program for gun control. all right? so if you missed the program earlier in the week, i layout what would solve the problem as best we can in america and i think it's pretty solid and i actually sent that talking points to "the view" people. of course they didn't read it, but if you want to, there it is. also we would like you to spout off to the factor anywhere in the world., name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day kind of easy


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